Peter is fine mix of total professionalism, integrity and personality. He is a highly capable individual, and a pleasure to work with.

Alistair Coss, Tectura

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It’s time for a new approach to Microsoft Dynamics CRM training

We took a hard look at what organisations really need to acquire Microsoft Dynamics CRM skills in the best way – and decided that a new approach was needed.

Sometimes, you just accept the way that things are done. Say, when you need to learn something – you buy a book, go on a course or learn online. Fair enough, these work – but for complex products like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, they don’t go far enough. We decided that we could do better; that organisations want something more.

A new approach to Microsoft Dynamics CRM training

Our approach doesn’t just answer the question “which Dynamics CRM courses do people need?” It answers a broader, real-world question: “what’s the best time, place and method to learn Dynamics CRM?” Undeniably, part of the answer is via a training course. But its only part of the answer.

People need to learn in different ways. They need to learn some topics up-front and some topics as they go. They may hit unforeseen issues, or specification changes, which mean that their knowledge has a gap. They may need detailed help that’s based on CRM functionality or workflow issues that are unique to the project on which they’re working. They may need some quick advice or a helping hand.

So, training courses may be a great start – but they can’t always give you everything you need. That’s why we provide a far more comprehensive set of services, so you can acquire the Microsoft Dynamics CRM skills and knowledge you need, when you need it.

A unique pedigree

OK, so who are we? Microsoft Dynamics CRM trainers or Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialists? We’re both. We have a long and successful history of delivering many kinds of training programmes (mostly technology, but not always) and have been working directly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM since it was first launched (by which we mean actually designing, implementing and managing solutions within a commercial environment).

We’re more than just Dynamics CRM trainers. We’re more than just Dynamics CRM specialists. We're both. We’ve worked at the sharp end and we’ve also passed on those skills. This gives us a unique perspective based on an enviable range of experience.