Peter was a pioneer in the Client Issue Management project based on MS Dynamics that we initiated mid 2008. He has progressed from the role of the lead IT Consultant leading a team of about 4-6 from Fujitsu Services to eventually taking on the overall Project Management of the project. The project is one of the most successful projects at the Bank which reached a user base of 3000 users in just over a year. He had liaised with both the IT technologists at the Bank from different areas as well as the varied user groups. A truly consummate professional.

Director. Barclays Capital

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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

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Marketing professionals, CRM technology consultants
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22 May 2015 London £600 Enquire
24 April 2015 London £600 Enquire
24 April 2015 Bath £600 Enquire
22 April 2015 Bath £600 Enquire
23 March 2015 London £600 Enquire
23 March 2015 Bath £600 Enquire
23 February 2015 Bath £600 Enquire
23 January 2015 London £600 Enquire
23 January 2015 Bath £600 Enquire
15 December 2014 London £600 Enquire
15 December 2014 Bath £600 Enquire
21 November 2014 London £600 Enquire
21 November 2014 Bath £600 Enquire
25 October 2014 Bath £600 Enquire
24 October 2014 London £600 Enquire
24 October 2014 Bath £600 Enquire
26 September 2014 London £600 Enquire
26 September 2014 Bath £600 Enquire
26 August 2014 London £600 Enquire
26 August 2014 Bath £600 Enquire
23 February 2014 London £600 Enquire
17 January 2014 Bath £600 Enquire

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Peter says:

Before attending this course, students must have the following pre-requisites:

  • Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel

Course overview

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This course enables you to cultivate a basic understanding of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and all of its various features. You'll review five main sections including Projects, Marketing Execution, Assets and Media, and Finance. You'll also see how to integrate each of these areas into one another to form a cohesive marketing ecosystem. Main features covered include campaign management, digital asset management, marketing automation, behavioral analysis, marketing finances, and media buying.

Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

  • Widgets, Navigation and Customizing Grids
  • Managing alerts and other user preferences
  • Managing User Roles
  • Lab: Widgets, Preferences and User Roles

Module 2: Contact and Company Types and Managing Clients and Vendors

  • Contact and Company Types
  • Managing Clients
  • Managing Vendors
  • Lab: Managing Vendors

Module 3: Project Management

  • Hierarchy and concepts
  • Job Management
  • Lab: Create and Test a Job Template
  • Lab: Create and Test a Job Request Template

Module 4: Managing Digital Assets and Markup Functionality

  • Navigation
  • Using File Search Features
  • Lab: Folder and File Management
  • Working with File Libraries
  • Marking Up Files
  • Lab: Mark up a File

Module 5: Managing Approval Requests 

  • Creating an Approval Request Template
  • Routing Files for Approval
  • Approving or Rejecting a File
  • Lab: Managing File Approvals

Module 6: Event Management

  • Create Venues, Facilities and Events
  • Lab: Events
  • Event Registration
  • Lab: Event Setup and Registration
  • Event Attendance

Module 7: Managing Marketing Finances

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Items and Services
  • Lab: Add Accounts to the Chart of Accounts and Create and Item and a Service
  • Create a Request for Quote (RFQ) Template
  • Lab: Create a Request for Quote Template, create a Request for Quote, and Award a Request for Quote
  • Working with Estimates
  • Lab: Create and Estimate on a Job, Create a Purchase Order and Client Quote from the Estimate
  • Working with Purchase Orders
  • Time Slips
  • Lab: Create a Time Slip on a Job in Default view, Create Time Slips in Worksheet view

Module 8: Managing Media Buying and Media Planning

  • Media Planning and Media Buying Process
  • Concept of Media Outlet and Media Vendor
  • Markets and Market Segments
  • Media Rate Cards
  • Lab: Create a Vendor, Market Segment, Media Outlets, and Rate Card with Rates
  • Media Financial Transactions
  • Media Planning
  • Lab: Create a Media Plan, make Media Orders, Expense and Invoice a Media Order

Module 9: Campaign Management

  • Marketing Contacts and Marketing Lists
  • Email Marketing
  • Lab: Marketing Lists and Email Marketing Messages
  • Cross Campaign Rules
  • Segment Specific Content
  • Add Dynamic Content to an Email Marketing Message
  • Social Media and Channel Setup
  • Budget Management
  • Lab: Social Media and Budgets

Module 10: Landing Pages, Lead Scoring and Lead Assignment Rules

  • Website Analysis Scripts and Online Visitors
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Scoring Models
  • Lead Assignment Rules
  • Lab: Landing Pages and Lead Scoring Models

Module 11: Marketing Automation with the Campaign Console 

  • Automated Campaign Requirements
  • Marketing Automation Activities
  • Running an Automated Campaign
  • Lab: Campaign Console

Module 12: Reporting and Analytics 

  • Results
  • Campaign Performance Dashboard
  • Other Reports
  • Out-of-Box SSRS Reports
  • Add a Power BI Widget to the Home Page
  • Lab: Results and Campaign Performance Dashboard