Peter did a great job for me with Dynamics CRM configuration and demonstration for a very successful proof-of-concept. He is calm, detailed and very knowledgeable.

Simon Shearston. Microsoft.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM services

We provide a comprehensive range of services, designed to help people and organisations acquire Microsoft Dynamics CRM skills by the most effective means.

Dynamics CRM services

  • Candidate assessment

    Candidate assessment

    When you’re hiring Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals, it can pay to get some specialist advice on the candidates, to ensure the most successful selection.

  • Classroom training delivery

    Classroom training delivery

    CRM Knowledge delivers high quality training programmes at training centres or on site using official or bespoke curriculum.

  • CRM skills alignment to projects

    CRM skills alignment to projects

    It’s this simple: successful Dynamics CRM projects depend on having the right skills in place. But how can you be sure you have?

  • One-to one coaching

    One-to one coaching

    Sometimes, a more intensive approach to learning is needed – something that’s in-depth, with unrestricted interaction.

  • Online training

    Online training

    CRM Knowledge aims to provide all courses as online versions, since you can't always free up time to attend a classroom course. Our online courses give you access to the same high-quality material and hands-on labs - and, of course, the knowledge of our expert instructors.

  • One company training

    CRMKnowledge can provide a complete administration, delivery and feedback training service specifically for your team either at your premises or at a locally convenient location.

  • Project support

    Project support

    While working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects, wouldn’t it be great to call on exactly the training and support you need, just when you need it?

  • Skills gap analysis

    Skills gap analysis

    Being able to assess exactly the gap between your skills today and the skills you need is the key to creating an effective learning strategy.

  • Team mentoring

    Team mentoring

    Mentoring provides a great way to supplement classroom training or e-learning, guiding people along a defined learning path.

  • Team structure and role review

    Team structure and role review

    How can you be sure that your Dynamics CRM team have the skills and structure your business really needs?

  • Team up-skilling

    Team up-skilling

    Often, an entire Dynamics CRM development team (or a community of users) needs to be trained at the same time.

  • The CRM Knowledge Academy

    The CRM Knowledge Academy

    Enrol in the CRM Knowledge Academy: learn more; share your skills; exchange expertise.

  • YourCRMGuide

    Addresses the problem of a business not being able to afford or justify a full on site resource but need to apply to own their instance of CRM to develop stronger customer relationships and show return on investment. This annual support and training service provides 150 hours of guidance and training aimed at key business objectives.