CRMKnowledge provided core user training to our marketing and sales team as well as bespoke consultancy on best practice for Dynamics CRM online and ClickDimensions to the CRM adoption project team as it was being on-boarded to the business. We found their extensive knowledge of the system and it’s real world use invaluable in the decision making process during the project.

Charles Creswell. Head of Information Systems, ACT

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  • Tips from the CRM projects field

    Getting CRM projects right is a notoriously difficult art. Here at CRMKnowledge we've seen a lot of CRM projects - big, small, off the shelf and highly customised. We've learned hard lessons about what it takes to get CRM right and we've distilled these down into the following set of principles.

  • Microsoft buys ADXStudio - what is it and why it matters

    This week sees the announcement of Microsoft intention to purchase - a Microsoft ISV partner with a unique stack of technology to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM to web portals.

  • New software - hype or reality

    This short blog considers the value of new extra features in software and why, in my view, its an advantage to be a bit of a cynic. Many organisations risk their investment by biting off far more than they can chew - my approach is to build up from the basics first and learn as you go.

  • 8 steps to self sufficiency in CRM

    What do I mean from self-sufficiency in CRM? Simply put, you as the client can use, configure and build on CRM technology without bringing in costly consultants. Why? Well cost is certainly one thing. However, the other is that external consultants rarely understand your business as well as you do. They will also have their own agenda and the mix often results in expectations not being realized. The more you, as the client, can do ‘CRM’ independently the more likely you will achieve success.

  • 4 reasons to use CRM from day 1 of your new business

    Implementing Dynamics CRM at the earliest stage of your business can assist with a lot of the early activities associated with a busy start up. It will also help getting your company into a client centric model at a time when you are focussed on creating the right processes for success. CRMKnowledge has a great deal of experience helping new startups and specific services to make sure they are well skilled and knowledgeable with the technology.

  • Getting CRM to do EXACTLY what the customer asks for

    CRM consultants can be too quick to take a business requirement literally and try to bend CRM to fit the need. This is a risky path to follow and can lead to un-supported systems and solutions that result in more pain than they actually resolve. In this blog I discuss why this approach should be avoided particularly in terms of going against using the in-built customer model of CRM.

  • The 49 day CRM success programme launched

    CRMKnowledge launches its innovative 49 day CRM success programme - a unique mixture of training, mentoring and support designed to get small and medium sized businesses in control of their own CRM destiny

  • Top 10 business benefits through best use of CRM

    CRM is a strategic investment for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Understanding where CRM can drive efficiency gains and better customer service is essential to understanding whether return is being gained on that investment. This article outlines the benefits you should be getting from CRM and highlights CRMKnowledge services that could help you get there quicker.

  • CRMKnowledge - who and what

    For those followers of CRMKnowledge, curious as to what and what we do - a reminder and synopsis of our approach.

  • Stopping the guessing in CRM projects

    I have to be honest, I’m a little frustrated from experiences in the CRM consulting sector. Why so? Well, I've sat on both sides of the fence and been an independent observer of projects from the very earliest stage through to go live and I’m beginning to feel that the traditional model of bid, negotiate, analyze, design and build is broken, dysfunctional and just leads to a whole heap of problems.