Peter is a top dynamics professional who has an excellent knowledge of the dynamics product range. Peter is a first class trainer and fully qualified Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). What makes Peter such a first class professional is his ability to put people at ease and quickly build relationships. I would thoroughly recommend both Peter and CRM Knowledge to any of my clients.

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Managing Queues in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

Queues are a very powerful feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They are often underused and that sometimes stems from a lack of understanding of how they work. This blog focuses on what Queues can do for you and where they might fit in your project or solution.

This e-book has been written for anyone involved in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM project or instance. It assumes you have good foundation knowledge of CRM activities and core entities such as Accounts and Contacts. It serves as an introduction to Queue technology in Dynamics CRM and helps explain where, when and how you might use Queues. It is important to note that every user has an individual Queue when CRM is first configured. All other Queues are optionally added. Further, Queues may be linked to email addresses to manage incoming and outgoing emails. Since Queues are a core part of CRM then we can also automate the routing of an item to Queues using Workflows and Dialog Processes.

 Download our short PDF ebook on Managing Queues from here.


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