Peter was a pioneer in the Client Issue Management project based on MS Dynamics that we initiated mid 2008. He has progressed from the role of the lead IT Consultant leading a team of about 4-6 from Fujitsu Services to eventually taking on the overall Project Management of the project. The project is one of the most successful projects at the Bank which reached a user base of 3000 users in just over a year. He had liaised with both the IT technologists at the Bank from different areas as well as the varied user groups. A truly consummate professional.

Director. Barclays Capital

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What actually is MarketingPilot

Microsoft purchased MarketingPilot in 2013 for a fair chunk of money. It was already a successful product in its own right but under the Microsoft Dynamics banner it looks set to continue to grow. MarketingPilot has close affinities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM but wont be offered as part of CRM. This blog takes a look at the product, the market and the anticipated skills required. Yes, there will be courses and an exam.

Good review by Microsoft Dynamics

Imagine for a second that your are Marketing Director for a leading brand in lets say the technology market. You have a large team, a fairly significant budget, a large number of campaigns and a huge collection of crayons - actually I made the last bit up. Your investment in technology is likely to be not much more than the typical Office suite with a heavy reliance on spreadsheets. Now, your challenge is to increasingly manage and track your budgets, apply good project management methodology to your activities and get the most out of pre-sales activities of your clients. Your ability to do this will probably come down to a few fairly complex spreadsheets and a significant wedge of documents. MarketingPilot is coming to your aid. This software platform will help you better manage your campaigns, your budgets, your resources and help you track potential client activity out there in the world of the internet.

What does this have to do with CRM I hear you say. Well, quite a lot. CRM has always had a pretty good set of Marketing functionality and a lot of clients don't really use it to its best. MarketingPilot becomes the platform that will feed well defined leads to CRM via a connector that will be made available by Microsoft for users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

MarketingPilot will be licencsed seperately - as yet we don't have much information on the details but we'll update this when costs become available.

There will also be seperate MarketingPilot courses and these are as follows:

Functional Application in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Pilot - 3 days.

Technical Deployment and Customization in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Pilot

And there will also be an exam as follows:

Exam MB2-720: Applications in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Pilot

We will be taking a close look at MarketingPilot in the near future so we will keep you updated.


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