Zero2Ten and our client found working with Peter and CRMKnowledge to be a mutually beneficial experience. The professional and structured approach to developing and delivering training programmes combined with the close liaison with senior stakeholders in the business led to reduced support time and more effective use of CRM.

Adam Spurr, Zero2Ten

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Who and what is CRMKnowledge

For those followers of CRMKnowledge, curious as to what and what we do - a reminder and synopsis of our approach.

Who and what is CRMKnowledge

You might not know who we are or what we stand for. So, here are a few words to explain.

First and foremost we are CRM (MCP and MCT) specialists and we have many years of experience in the field ‘doing’ CRM and in the ‘classroom’ training CRM skills. We believe in CRM and we want our clients to believe in it too but make best use of it by building up skills and knowledge in the product.

So, we take our mission as closing, what we see, as a CRM skills gap in the market. Our focus, is primarily end users, new entrants to the CRM consulting market and partners new to the CRM world. We don’t believe that the existing CRM consultant community needs our attention as much – they have vast resources available from the MCP, MVP and Partner environments. What we will do is provide as much info as we can on CRM training courses, the schedule and new features as they come to market.

Our typical scenario are people and companies who useful focus is NOT CRM – they have other jobs to do, they have objectives to meet and CRM is one more technology they need to get to grips with. So, our job here is to enthuse people about the possibilities of CRM, show them how the product can help them become more client centric and encourage them to build their skills up in CRM.

We are confident, that clients who acquire more skills in CRM become more efficient and achieve more with the product. Sometimes, the skills they acquire are not immediately relevant but we are sure that when that time comes they are ready to apply those skills. So, our approach is to provide ready to consume quality material, quick reference to classroom courses that help develop skills and provide our own modular and bespoke approach to CRM training.

If any of this sounds familiar, then please get in touch. We tackle any size of project – and quite often that starts from just one day

Happy CRMing.


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