I think he does a really great job and is the sort of person & consultant that I trust and can work with!

Barry Lyne, PleaseTech

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The 49 day CRM success programme

CRMKnowledge launches its innovative 49 day CRM success programme - a unique mixture of training, mentoring and support designed to get small and medium sized businesses in control of their own CRM destiny

CRMKnowledge is pleased to announce the general availability of its Mastering CRM mentor programme for small and medium sized UK organisations seeking to take control of their own CRM destiny.

We’ve found across many projects and training engagements that end-user sites typically are under skilled and lacking knowledge of how this powerful software platform operates and can be applied to solving business problems.

CRMKnowledge has helped many organisations in the UK gain new skills and enhanced knowledge in the new and exciting world of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

However, we equally encounter many organisations for whom training is often too abstract and they lack the time and the support to actually apply learnings back at base.

So, when we started to design this new programme we had several themes in mind

Show me how, so I can apply CRM now
Show me how I can apply skills in the future
Support me when I hit issues along the way
Provide us with trusted, independent advice

Our service focusses on providing a supportive service that focuses on helping our clients apply new skills and knowledge to current and future business problems using Dynamics CRM.

Out structured training and mentoring programme puts our clients in the driving seat and ensures that at the end of the project they are prepared to take on the next challenge with Dynamics CRM.

Is your organisation ready to grab hold of CRM, then, give us a call and we can explain how our mentor service works. Also download the short guide by clicking here.

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