Peter was a pioneer in the Client Issue Management project based on MS Dynamics that we initiated mid 2008. He has progressed from the role of the lead IT Consultant leading a team of about 4-6 from Fujitsu Services to eventually taking on the overall Project Management of the project. The project is one of the most successful projects at the Bank which reached a user base of 3000 users in just over a year. He had liaised with both the IT technologists at the Bank from different areas as well as the varied user groups. A truly consummate professional.

Director. Barclays Capital

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New software - hype or reality

This short blog considers the value of new extra features in software and why, in my view, its an advantage to be a bit of a cynic. Many organisations risk their investment by biting off far more than they can chew - my approach is to build up from the basics first and learn as you go.

I'll let you in on a secret - i'm a cynic when it comes to new software. I've seen most versions of office and remember a time when Lotus 123 ruled the roost. I've been privy to all international versions of crm since 2003 and each version has pretty much delivered better value - and conincedently this week we have seen the announcement of CRM 2016!

I remember Microsoft once explaining how thier research groups found that people generally asked for
software features that they already had - they just couldn't find them.

The trouble with new software features is that they don't get used that much and yet the hype is incredible as a consultant and trainer i owe it to my clients to be able to explain how these new features work, but more than that - I need to help them understand where and when these features will work and here is where i think it helps to be a  bit of a cynic.

Firstly, my solutions are never based on getting an opportunity to learn about something - i try it on my own crm instance first. Secondly, i often push clients back from the brink of deploying bleeding edge technology.


Well, its a walk before you run approach and in the walking there is a heck of lot of value to be gained and to extend the metaphor, if you trip when running the fall is that much harder and more difficult to recover from.

Right now, there is a tsunami of new features coming along in Dynamics CRM and a whole host of new features stacking up as Microsoft acquire a range of specialist technology companies - overall, this has to be a good thing - the technology stack is being invested in to a massive extent and each new feature will offer something to the market.

But the challenge is this, where does a company investing in CRM focus its efforts to offer the best return on investment? getting an independent and objective view of the art of the possible versus extracting maximum value from out of the box functionality will help you and your team build more effective solutions by focussing more on the core and not being distracted by trying to fix every problem under the sun. Contact me to discuss our mentoring and training programmes.



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