Peter was a pioneer in the Client Issue Management project based on MS Dynamics that we initiated mid 2008. He has progressed from the role of the lead IT Consultant leading a team of about 4-6 from Fujitsu Services to eventually taking on the overall Project Management of the project. The project is one of the most successful projects at the Bank which reached a user base of 3000 users in just over a year. He had liaised with both the IT technologists at the Bank from different areas as well as the varied user groups. A truly consummate professional.

Director. Barclays Capital

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Using QR codes with CRM

For those of you new to QR codes - here is a short article on how you might use them with CRM.

CRMK QRQR codes and CRM

So, I'm working on a project where one of the requirements is to electronically register someones attendance at an event using a QR code and get that data back into CRM.
I haven't really thought about this before and realised that I probably didn't understand how QR codes are generated or even used. It took me 10 minutes to work out how to get my Windows phone to recognise a QR – hit the search button and press the eye symbol if you are interested.
So, I did two things - read up about how QR codes are generated and then went looking for CRM solutions that would meet the requirement as is.
It turns out there are a couple of options - buy a QR code generator from someone like PowerObjects - very cheap and does the job (yes, for 2013). Or you could use a Google API to do the same thing. What I hadn't really understood is that there then isn't a standard online translator from QR to a service, but the QR generators can take something standard like a Facebook or LinkedIn profile or just a URL and generate a code for it.
So, it looks like the way ahead is to add a QR generator that embeds an Event registration code - that gets added to the outbound email - the URL contained is a link to a web service which in turn updates attendance on the event in CRM.
Here is my QR code by the way - generated on – it just gives you a link to CRMKnowledge. But then I probably would want to track you visiting that page – there’s a thought.

So it turns out that it's not too difficult - the trick is - how do we use it and ensure we get the right information back?



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