CRMKnowledge provided core user training to our marketing and sales team as well as bespoke consultancy on best practice for Dynamics CRM online and ClickDimensions to the CRM adoption project team as it was being on-boarded to the business. We found their extensive knowledge of the system and it’s real world use invaluable in the decision making process during the project.

Charles Creswell. Head of Information Systems, ACT

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Using QR codes with CRM

For those of you new to QR codes - here is a short article on how you might use them with CRM.

CRMK QRQR codes and CRM

So, I'm working on a project where one of the requirements is to electronically register someones attendance at an event using a QR code and get that data back into CRM.
I haven't really thought about this before and realised that I probably didn't understand how QR codes are generated or even used. It took me 10 minutes to work out how to get my Windows phone to recognise a QR – hit the search button and press the eye symbol if you are interested.
So, I did two things - read up about how QR codes are generated and then went looking for CRM solutions that would meet the requirement as is.
It turns out there are a couple of options - buy a QR code generator from someone like PowerObjects - very cheap and does the job (yes, for 2013). Or you could use a Google API to do the same thing. What I hadn't really understood is that there then isn't a standard online translator from QR to a service, but the QR generators can take something standard like a Facebook or LinkedIn profile or just a URL and generate a code for it.
So, it looks like the way ahead is to add a QR generator that embeds an Event registration code - that gets added to the outbound email - the URL contained is a link to a web service which in turn updates attendance on the event in CRM.
Here is my QR code by the way - generated on – it just gives you a link to CRMKnowledge. But then I probably would want to track you visiting that page – there’s a thought.

So it turns out that it's not too difficult - the trick is - how do we use it and ensure we get the right information back?



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