Peter is highly experienced with the CRM platform but crucially, blends in his many years of commercial, consulting and training experience to target the specific skills that our client required to enhance their CRM experience.

Adam Spurr, Zero2Ten

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Team mentoring

Mentoring provides a great way to supplement classroom training or e-learning, guiding people along a defined learning path.

Learning is often defined as a ‘journey’ but the experience is frequently a ‘course’ – not so much a journey as a one-off event. Team mentoring offers something different – it doesn’t always remove the need for courses, but it does provide a ‘guide for the journey’.

Specialist help, to lead you along the way

Dynamics 365 / CRM projects are almost always complex. Goals may be well-defined at the outset, but frequently change as the project progresses. No matter how hard you try, it’s nigh-on impossible to predict all of your skills requirements right at the start. That’s why it can help to have a trusted, knowledgeable Dynamics 365 / CRM specialist to mentor you as you go – helping you solve problems and keeping your skills in line with the project’s demands.

Specialists with real experience

Having access to a Microsoft Dynamics trainer is one thing, but don’t you also want someone with real hard-won experience? Someone who’s been on project teams for commercial Dynamics 365 / CRM projects? An old hand who can walk the walk, as well as talk the talk? That’s exactly what we provide. Our Dynamics 365 / CRM specialists may be skilled trainers, but they are also highly knowledgeable in Dynamics 365/CRM – so you get someone with real work experience, gained delivering real projects, not just someone who dabbles.

A structured mentoring service

Where we’re here to help with current challenges, the mentor’s goal is more strategic – to build the abilities and confidence of the team over time, helping them to achieve a pre-agreed skill level and guiding them as they grow. We stay close to the team, working proactively, not just reacting to support requests.

Helping each person; building the team

We develop the skills of each person – providing tailored learning and support. But we also enable team members to work together in the most effective way, so that the team itself is a more successful entity. Always, our goals are aligned with those of the person, the team and the business itself.