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CRMKnowledge provides training, coaching, consulting, help and support for organisations and people who are creating, implementing and managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM solutions. We’re Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM specialists, with a track record that goes back as far as the product itself. The knowledge we pass on is based on real experience gained within major Dynamics 365 / CRM projects.

What we do
Classroom training courses

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
classroom training courses

We offer the complete range of Microsoft Official Curriculum Dynamics 365 / CRM instructor-led training courses – plus some unique courses of our own.

E-learning training courses

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
e-learning training

Can’t make time for the classroom or prefer to learn at your own pace? No problem. Key Dynamics 365 / CRM training courses are also available as e-learning courses.

One-to-one coaching

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
one-to-one Dynamics 365 / CRM coaching

Sometimes you need more direct help – training that’s specifically designed around you. Our one-to-one coaching (and team coaching) delivers this.

Project support

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
project support

Dynamics 365 / CRM projects are complex; you may hit an unexpected skills barrier. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with ‘just in time’ training and project support.

Team up-skilling

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
team up-skilling

When you need to raise the skills of an entire Dynamics 365 / CRM team (or users) we can provide training that’s focused on your end goals.

Team mentoring

Microsoft Dynamics CRM
team mentoring

When you’re working on complex Dynamics 365 / CRM projects, it’s good to have a specialist to lean on. Here we are.

What makes us different

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM training and business project support

We’re true Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM specialists – we deliver Dynamics 365 / CRM skills into your organisation in many ways. Training, yes – but also ongoing coaching, mentoring and support from people who have real, commercial Dynamics 365 / CRM experience.

Number 1

We’ve been part of some of the UK’s largest and most important Dynamics 365 / CRM implementations, including for major banks.

Number 2

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM is all we do. By being focused, our aim is not just to be the best, but also to provide the most complete range of Dynamics 365 / CRM skills services.

Number 3

We don’t differentiate between ‘those who can’ and ‘those who teach’. The only thing longer than our Dynamics 365 / CRM experience is our experience delivering training – for over twenty years, with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Number 4

More than just courses

Training courses are great, but they’re not always enough – your need for knowledge doesn’t end when you walk out of a course, so our services don’t end there either.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Knowledge training

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM training courses

We provide the full range of Microsoft’s official Dynamics 365 / CRM training courses – plus some specialist courses of our own.

Our CRM Knowledge

Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Training Blogs

The voice of experience: we share our knowledge, views and reviews of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM. Feel free to join in the debate.

Blog post

Microsoft buys ADXStudio - what is it and why it matters

Posted by Peter Clements

Posted: 29 September 2015

This week sees the announcement of Microsoft intention to purchase ADXStudio.com - a Microsoft ISV partner with a unique stack of technology to extend Microsoft Dynamics CRM to web portals.
Blog post

What actually is MarketingPilot

Posted by Peter Clements

Posted: 26 September 2013

Microsoft purchased MarketingPilot in 2013 for a fair chunk of money. It was already a successful product in its own right but under the Microsoft Dynamics banner it looks set to continue to grow. MarketingPilot has close affinities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM but wont be offered as part of CRM. This blog takes a look at the product, the market and the anticipated skills required. Yes, there will be courses and an exam.