Peter was a pioneer in the Client Issue Management project based on MS Dynamics that we initiated mid 2008. He has progressed from the role of the lead IT Consultant leading a team of about 4-6 from Fujitsu Services to eventually taking on the overall Project Management of the project. The project is one of the most successful projects at the Bank which reached a user base of 3000 users in just over a year. He had liaised with both the IT technologists at the Bank from different areas as well as the varied user groups. A truly consummate professional.

Director. Barclays Capital

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  • Customer journeys and CRM – jargon or strategy?

    The term customer journey seems to be everywhere right now – try searching for the term on the web and wading through the content. The interesting things is that it seems to have made the jump from being something that consultants (guilty) eulogised about into a term that has gone business mainstream. I regularly hear clients from all organisational functions refer to the term and discuss how to build more efficient customer journeys with Dynamics CRM as the key enabling tool. Personally, I think that building (or re-building) customer journeys is central to the success of a Dynamics CRM project and the projects that I have seen use the concept have built effective solutions.

  • Solutions in Dynamics CRM 2013

    The core feature of managed solutions in Dynamics CRM 2013 is the ability to uninstall the solution smoothly to remove the functionality. This article is a personal view on my recent attempt to remove an ISV solution by uninstalling the managed solution.

  • ISV - build or buy? How to decide

    Buyers of Dynamics CRM technology solutions have a wide range of vertical and horizontal functional solutuions to choose from before considering getting a bespoke solution built. The builders of these solutions are usually referred to as Independent Software Vendors (ISV's). Here at CRMKnowledge, we enjoy helping to inform and guide clients in where ISV technology is appropriate, but also where they need to pay attention to the small print. This short blog is a thought provoking view on how client's should approach the use of ISV software solutions.

  • Using QR codes with CRM

    For those of you new to QR codes - here is a short article on how you might use them with CRM.

  • Lead scoring and nurture marketing

    Marketing automation is a hot topic these days for CRM users. One of the key areas in this area is that of Lead Scoring. In this article, we explain how Lead Scoring can be configured, measured and provide a significant business benefit to sales and marketing users of CRM.

  • Marketing automation in and out of the CRM box

    Marketing automation, in terms of creating, planning and executing marketing campaigns, has always been a central pillar in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM feature set. In fact, the core features of marketing lists, campaigns and campaign responses really haven’t changed much since CRM 1 was launched many years ago. Most CRM projects tend to have been sponsored by stakeholders in sales and executive management and this has meant that requirements for marketing management have taken a back seat for the most part. In addition, marketing teams have often been well served by their agencies, existing technology solutions and a combination of piecing together many technology components to provide full functionality. More marketing managers are now starting to get more closely involved in CRM-based marketing automation due to several factors: CRM is now becoming the dominant repository of contact information, the features of add-on tools offered by vendors and ISV’s are now beginning to properly leverage this data and finally all marketing teams are working hard to take their brands into the social media space and need to link this to the existing sales and marketing tools (CRM being the prime example). This blog intends to highlight the options open to marketing teams whose organisations use CRM so that they can begin to plan how to integrate their processes with sales and service processes.

  • Business rules in Dynamics 365

    The video on this blog shows two examples of using a business rule on a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 form to populate a target field with a value calculated from two other fields on the same form.

  • Dynamics CRM entity review - the account

    The aim of this blog is to provide an insight into the key Dynamics CRM entities, one by one, with a real- life view on how customers use them. Of course, we can only do this for the vanilla Dynamics CRM product, but we'll try to give some hints as to how they might be extended. Do you have a favorite entity? – feel free to provide your own views.

  • Dynamics CRM 2013 - the users perspective

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is launched globally on November 4th 2013. The user interface is dramatically different and this brings both benefits and challenges. This short article considers the impact on the average Dynamics CRM user

  • What actually is MarketingPilot?

    Microsoft purchased MarketingPilot in 2013 for a fair chunk of money. It was already a successful product in its own right but under the Microsoft Dynamics banner it looks set to continue to grow. MarketingPilot has close affinities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM but wont be offered as part of CRM. This blog takes a look at the product, the market and the anticipated skills required. Yes, there will be courses and an exam.