Peter is highly experienced with the CRM platform but crucially, blends in his many years of commercial, consulting and training experience to target the specific skills that our client required to enhance their CRM experience.

Adam Spurr, Zero2Ten

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The CRM Knowledge blog: the voice of experience in Dynamics CRM

The voice of experience – Dynamics CRM skills issues, news, reviews, hints tips and more.

  • Managing queues in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

    Queues are a very powerful feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They are often underused and that sometimes stems from a lack of understanding of how they work. This blog focuses on what Queues can do for you and where they might fit in your project or solution.

  • Common Pitfalls of CRM projects

    Like most projects, Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects don’t fail for especially complex reasons, or for new reasons. The most often fail for simple, avoidable reasons. Here’s our top six.

  • An overview of Sure Step Methodology

    Microsoft provides Sure Step methodology to certified Microsoft Dynamics partners in order to provide a complete and scalable model for implementing Microsoft Dynamics technology projects. It is based on best practice and offers a series of tools and components that partners may choose to use within Microsoft Dynamics projects.

  • What do we actually mean by a lead

    I am often struck by how difficult some users have in working with the concept of a lead in Dynamics CRM. I first saw this in CRM 1.2 and am still seeing the same issues arise in 2011. Fundamentally, I think there is a divergence between sales people and marketing staff on the value of leads being entered into CRM. In this short piece I am referring to out of the box functionality.

  • Best practice for Training Programmes in CRM implementations

    A CRM implementation without an effective training programme is like a car without fuel – all the hard work has been put in but it’s not going anywhere soon. Training on most technology projects is often ignored until too late and unfortunately trainers aren’t brought in until too late.