The most inspiring project manager I have ever worked with, Peter challenges you to get on with your task but has no fear to get down and dirty to deliver what is required. His support in meeting tough challenges is unparalleled. Peter is a rock you can rely on. Peter is a man you can count on.

Edwin Senjobe, Evolve Mobility

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM training courses: Analysing process for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Solution

We see analysis beginning with the commencement of the project at kick-off stage. From here the team will be assembled, the stakeholders identified and the formal business analysis will be planned and carried out. Its critical at this stage that stakeholders and project team alike are clear on the core business benefits that Dynamics 365 / CRM will bring. In addition we believe that this core team should have a solid understanding of what Dynamics 365 / CRM delivers out of the box and how it can be extended. One tip we would recommend in this phase is to identify key charts and dashboards that senior management expect to be able to interrogate.


  • Consulting skills for Microsoft Dynamics CRM projects

    Course code: CRMKC001
    Classroom course

    This 3-day training course has been designed to train technology and business consultants in the art of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM consulting. This course aligns with the Microsoft Dynamics SureStep methodology but does not exclusively depend on this framework. We use the term consultant in so far as this course is applicable to application, technology and development consultants.

  • new Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Course code: 80545A
    Classroom course

    This course focuses on how an organisation can nurture customer satisfaction through automation of business processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 2013. This course provides an insight into all of the powerful Customer Service and Service Scheduling functionality capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Additionally, this course guides you through the process of working with your customers in Microsoft Dynamics 365, including: resolution of customer complaints and services issues cost effectively, and provides insight on managing all related correspondence, documents, contacts and conversations. This course demonstrates the rich and relevant view of your customer that provides your team with actionable insights, including the use of knowledge management in a centralized knowledge base.

  • Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Course code: CRMKREP001
    Classroom course
    E-learning course
    One-to-one course

    This one-day instructor-led course, Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM , provides students the information to better understand reporting methods along with more advanced reporting features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM. For public events we assume the use of Dynamics 365 / CRM latest but can run this in closed format for most versions.