Zero2Ten and our client found working with Peter and CRMKnowledge to be a mutually beneficial experience. The professional and structured approach to developing and delivering training programmes combined with the close liaison with senior stakeholders in the business led to reduced support time and more effective use of CRM.

Adam Spurr, Zero2Ten

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM training courses: Masterclasses in Dynamics 365 / CRM

The pace of change in Dynamics 365 / CRM technology these days is relentless. Increasingly, we need deep dive sessions into key technology areas in Dynamics 365 / CRM. CRMKnowledge is leading the way with a series of innovative one day masterclasses in key topics that you won't find anywhere else. These masterclasses in Dynamics 365 / CRM technology and related business strategy will be available on-site, at training centres and online for consumption as you need it.


  • new CRM 2016 - new features

    Course code: CRMKCRM2016NEW
    Classroom course

    Microsoft have invested heavily in their CRM platform over the last few years. 2016 saw a raft of new technology arrive in Dynamics 365 / CRM online. Many partners, clients and consultants are still getting to grips with new features in Projects, Service and Portals. This one day workshop is designed to bring teams up to speed with whats new and why the change is important.

  • new CRM Process Automation

    Course code: CRMKPROC01
    Classroom course
    One-to-one course

    Dynamics CRM and 365 solutions benefit from consistent and accurate processes. Understanding the options that are available, when to use them and the features available to each are fundamental to building processes in the CRM or 365 stack. This CRMKnowledge Masterclass provides consultants with the skills to be able to define, design, build and test processes without the need to resort to code. A short session at the end of this course helps non developer consultants understand when and where code is required to build a custom or bespoke process. We are able to alter this course to suit different versions and audiences. Note: we typically run this course for users of Dynamics 365 / CRM 2013 onwards.

  • new Customer journey analysis and design

    Course code: CRMK125A
    Classroom course

    Designing optimal customer experience processes is one of the most important activities that an organisation can carry out in today’s fast paced competitive world. This one-day seminar takes your team through the principles of customer experience design and analysis. By the end of the course you will have begun to pull together a comprehensive customer journey development plan.