Masterclass in Dynamics 365 / CRM and Marketing Automation

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Course overview

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The capabilities of Dynamics 365 / CRM and Marketing Automation software is meeting the needs and aspirations of businesses to engage with the digitally connected world. There are many choices available and making the best choice for your business can be tricky. This 1 day masterclass helps you understand the trends, the terminology and the options available to combine marketing automation with your investment in Dynamics 365 / CRM. At the conclusion of this course you will be well placed to design and implement a marketing automation strategy for your organisation.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the business and social trends that make marketing automation a pressing need
  • Identify how your business is enaged with the connected world of your customers
  • Understand how technology capabilities can be leveraged
  • Understand the role of CRM and the role of marketing automation
  • Understand the core marketing features of Dynamics 365 / CRM
  • Understand the capabilities of ISV marketing add-ons
  • Understand the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing module
  • Understand how these technologies are used in combination with Dynamics 365 / CRM
  • Plan a digital marketing engagement model for your customers


Course Outline

Module 1: Business and Social trends

The world occupied by business and its customers is changing rapidly and on almost daily basis. Expectations of customers have changed well beyond what most organisations can deliver on and those organisations aren't changing quickly enough. The danger is that smaller and more agile organisations will take market share by leveraging new technology.


  • The connected customer
  • Key trends in the market
  • Risks and opportunities

After completing this module, students will be able to:

  • Identify ways in which their customers are connected and engaging in the market
  • Models of customer activity pre-engagement
  • The impact of social media on business models