CRMKnowledge provided core user training to our marketing and sales team as well as bespoke consultancy on best practice for Dynamics CRM online and ClickDimensions to the CRM adoption project team as it was being on-boarded to the business. We found their extensive knowledge of the system and it’s real world use invaluable in the decision making process during the project.

Charles Creswell. Head of Information Systems, ACT

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Candidate assessment

When you’re hiring Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM professionals, it can pay to get some specialist advice on the candidates, to ensure the most successful selection.

Businesses are specialist in their core services – but all businesses depend on other internal specialists, whether that’s accountants or marketers. When it comes to hiring those specialists, it can be tough to ask the right questions, assess candidates’ skills, compare candidates – or even write a meaningful job description.

CRM Knowledge – your Dynamics 365 / CRM insiders

We can fill that gap within your organisation, helping you through all stages of the selection process. This includes:

  • creating job descriptions.
  • screening CVs and candidates.
  • interviewing candidates as part of your panel.
  • making final recommendations.

Of course, it’s your team that’s being built, so you’re always in control – but we’re always ready to help.

Spotting potential and developing skills

We’re also good at spotting people who might not quite ‘be there’ – and recommending the skills needed to help the person fit perfectly into the advertised role. (There’s no conflict of interest; of course we can provide the training, but we’re equally happy if you have a preferred supplier.)

Efficient working

We work in the most efficient way possible – we can attend interviews in person, but we can achieve most of our goals (if not all of them) by using technology: video conferencing, e-mail and the good old telephone.