The most inspiring project manager I have ever worked with, Peter challenges you to get on with your task but has no fear to get down and dirty to deliver what is required. His support in meeting tough challenges is unparalleled. Peter is a rock you can rely on. Peter is a man you can count on.

Edwin Senjobe, Evolve Mobility

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Dynamic 365 / CRM skills alignment to projects

It’s this simple: successful Dynamics 365 / CRM projects depend on having the right skills in place. But how can you be sure you have?

Perhaps the best way to ensure that your organisation has exactly the right skills needed to complete upcoming projects effectively is via third-party assessment.

A more complete approach

Because we’re Dynamics 365 / CRM specialists, we take a more in-depth approach to skills assessment – not starting with the people, or the projects, but with the business goals themselves. Then – as you’d expect – we go on to assess the skills needs of the upcoming projects and the ability of your team to deliver those projects against the business goals.

It’s a complete 360-degree assessment of your needs. Why? We’re not just experienced at delivering Dynamics 365 / CRM skills, we’ve been at the sharp end of many a vital Dynamics 365 / CRM project. The benefit of our service is efficiency – getting where you need to be quickly and with fewer stalls or mishaps. You exploit our experience.

Putting in place the missing pieces

We can also help you to put in place the missing pieces, including:

  • recruiting new team members.
  • cross-training team members to be able to fill in for others during holiday and unplanned absences.
  • upskilling team members into more responsible roles.
  • moving team members to roles where they can deliver more value.
  • planning training to resolve skills gaps.

Our goal is the same as yours – to get you to the end of projects successfully, on time and within budget: by ensuring that you have the skills in place to make this happen.