Peter did a great job for me with Dynamics CRM configuration and demonstration for a very successful proof-of-concept. He is calm, detailed and very knowledgeable.

Simon Shearston. Microsoft.

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One-to one coaching

Sometimes, a more intensive approach to learning is needed – something that’s in-depth, with unrestricted interaction.

Our one-to-one coaching (or team coaching) provides a uniquely in-depth learning experience. You or your team have exclusive access to one of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM specialists.

Learn just what you need

We prepare a learning programme that’s based exactly on your needs – teaching you what you need to know for the project on which you’re working. We do this by working with you in advance, to understand your current skills, your goal and the status of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM project – ensuring that time spent learning is 100% focused.

Plenty of room for exploration

But we’re neither rigid nor prescriptive. While we set out a learning programme, we appreciate that a key benefit of one-to-one coaching is that the learner can question – and that the specialist and learners can explore topics in ways which are perhaps unplanned but ultimately more rewarding.

Work through real, practical examples

Training courses usually include great practical labs, but they’re not exactly what you're working on. One-to-one sessions can include practical elements that are based on your current Dynamics 365 / CRM projects, your workflow and the way your organisation operates.

Your learning, your way

There’s little point in having one-to-one sessions in which dictate things like location and duration. We deliver what works for you, where it works for you. Plus, we can provide additional support and help not just immediately after our sessions, but at any point after – we can even come back as your project progresses, to help coach you through your most pressing issues.