Project support

While working on Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM projects, wouldn’t it be great to call on exactly the training and support you need, just when you need it?

When you’re working on a Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM project, you don’t know in advance about every hurdle you’ll face. Training courses are a greater preparation, but they can’t anticipate every eventuality.

Helping you as you go

That’s why we offer ongoing project support – informal (and formal) training, when and where you need it, typically geared towards helping you resolve issues as they arise. But project support can help you prepare more intelligently for each stage of your project's development – by collating your current Dynamics 365 / CRM challenges and goals, it allows us to provide more in-depth learning on the issues you’re about to address.

Learning that’s delivered when you need it

How we provide support depends very much on the kinds of challenges you’re facing. It’s usually sufficient to support clients remotely, using video conferencing or telephone calls. That way, if you need an hour’s training, you’re not paying for anything other than that – travelling, expenses and the like. But if it’s more effective to deliver the coaching or training face-to-face (or it’s going to take enough hours to justify it financially) then we’ll provide the session at a training centre or your location.

Getting close to the project

Working with you as the project progresses enables us to plan training and support in advance, for you, your team and your users. This makes for far more effective project delivery, better control of costs – and a more successful project. It also enables us to teach in the context of what you're trying to achieve, rather than assuming that the standard Microsoft curriculum will always meet your goals.

Planning a training and support package that’s exactly right

Working with clients from the outside enables us to properly plan both training and support – right from day one. Training is delivered as and when needed (rather than all at the outset, as is typically the case), making it more effective. We also provide a tailored package that’s perfect for your needs – combining training, support and coaching.