Team up-skilling

Often, an entire Dynamics 365 / CRM development team (or a community of users) needs to be trained at the same time.

You might have hired a new Dynamics 365 / CRM team. Or perhaps your team need their skills updated to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. Or you’re bringing new people into the current team. You may even be rolling out a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM system (or update to your current system) and need your workforce to be trained. We’re here to help.

With you for the learning journey

One of the things which sets us apart from most learning providers is that we’re not just here to deliver courses – we’re here to understand your skills now, determine where your skills need to be and then take you on that learning journey. Along the way, you may find that you need to learn new things – that’s fine, we quickly build that into your learning plan. You’re using Dynamics 365 / CRM to achieve strategic goals: we plan the skills needed for those goals to be met.

Upskilling Dynamics 365 / CRM professionals

We help Dynamics 365 / CRM teams to build the skills needed to make the most of Microsoft’s powerful software. Whether those people are new to Dynamics 365 / CRM, have some skills in the current version but need to learn more or have skills in a previous version and need to leap ahead, we can help. Training is tailored to teach exactly what you need to learn and, if required, geared towards the team achieving Microsoft certification status. We can also stay in the loop, to provide project support and one-to-one coaching as needed.

Upskilling users of Dynamics 365 / CRM-based systems

Dynamics 365/CRM-based systems are, by their very nature, highly bespoke and often require a strong understanding of what the system is aiming to achieve; what it means to the business. We can prepare and deliver training programmes which focus not just on functionality but also on workflow and business goals. The end result is an engaging learning experience that teaches Dynamics 365/CRM in context and therefore delivers far more value to the business.