CRMKnowledge provided core user training to our marketing and sales team as well as bespoke consultancy on best practice for Dynamics CRM online and ClickDimensions to the CRM adoption project team as it was being on-boarded to the business. We found their extensive knowledge of the system and it’s real world use invaluable in the decision making process during the project.

Charles Creswell. Head of Information Systems, ACT

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Scott is a leading light in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM Consulting world. He is author of the Ribbon Workbench and veteran of many Dynamics 365 / CRM projects across multiple industries.


Scott understands the role of developers in Dynamics 365 / CRM to a very detailed level and so can offer clients a deep training experience at code level. Scott has great experience leading great Dynamics 365 / CRM development teams and can also offer the Solution Architect and Development Team lead perspective.

Scott is the main brains behind DotNet2XRM and is currently delivering this course to developers here in the UK.