Peter is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM professional who fully understands the product and how to implement it in a wide range of vertical industries. I have worked with Peter on more than one engagement and they have all been a pleasure. Peter is a team player with an "easy to get on with" attitude.

David Montgomery. ATEX

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM training courses: CRM Knowledge

The skills required by project teams, consultants, end users, stakeholders are fairly unique in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM project. These articles consider best practice in training in CRM.

  • Top 10 business benefits through best use of CRM

    CRM is a strategic investment for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Understanding where CRM can drive efficiency gains and better customer service is essential to understanding whether return is being gained on that investment. This article outlines the benefits you should be getting from CRM and highlights CRMKnowledge services that could help you get there quicker.

  • CRMKnowledge - who and what

    For those followers of CRMKnowledge, curious as to what and what we do - a reminder and synopsis of our approach.

  • Customer journeys and CRM – jargon or strategy?

    The term customer journey seems to be everywhere right now – try searching for the term on the web and wading through the content. The interesting things is that it seems to have made the jump from being something that consultants (guilty) eulogised about into a term that has gone business mainstream. I regularly hear clients from all organisational functions refer to the term and discuss how to build more efficient customer journeys with Dynamics CRM as the key enabling tool. Personally, I think that building (or re-building) customer journeys is central to the success of a Dynamics CRM project and the projects that I have seen use the concept have built effective solutions.

  • Dynamics CRM entity review - the account

    The aim of this blog is to provide an insight into the key Dynamics CRM entities, one by one, with a real- life view on how customers use them. Of course, we can only do this for the vanilla Dynamics CRM product, but we'll try to give some hints as to how they might be extended. Do you have a favorite entity? – feel free to provide your own views.

  • Dynamics CRM 2013 - the users perspective

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is launched globally on November 4th 2013. The user interface is dramatically different and this brings both benefits and challenges. This short article considers the impact on the average Dynamics CRM user

  • Best practice for Training Programmes in CRM implementations

    A CRM implementation without an effective training programme is like a car without fuel – all the hard work has been put in but it’s not going anywhere soon. Training on most technology projects is often ignored until too late and unfortunately trainers aren’t brought in until too late.