CRMKnowledge provided core user training to our marketing and sales team as well as bespoke consultancy on best practice for Dynamics CRM online and ClickDimensions to the CRM adoption project team as it was being on-boarded to the business. We found their extensive knowledge of the system and it’s real world use invaluable in the decision making process during the project.

Charles Creswell. Head of Information Systems, ACT

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Top 10 business benefits you should be gaining from CRM

CRM is a strategic investment for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Understanding where CRM can drive efficiency gains and better customer service is essential to understanding whether return is being gained on that investment. This article outlines the benefits you should be getting from CRM and highlights CRMKnowledge services that could help you get there quicker.

The top 10 Business benefits you should be getting from your investment in Dynamics CRM.

1. Contact details for your clients are in one place and easy to get to - and manage

2. CRM is informing your staff about customers before they get in touch - they wont make mistakes and might spot an opportunity to strengthen the relationship

3. CRM is at the centre of of your customer centric processes and all interactions are available from there - your staff should be able to see a full view of the customer from one place

4. Colleagues can see each others activities with the customer - no repitition or badly timed interactions

5. Trends are identified quickly and acted on through charts and dashboards

6. CRM is being used to acquire accurate customer knowledge and helping staff identify opportunity and deliver better service

7. Your teams are staying regularly in touch with your customers - sometimes prompted, sometimes just because its the right thing to do

8. Your Digital Marketing programme is integrated and your staff can see how customers are interacting over those channels - such as web site visits, email interactions, document downloads

9. The sales pipeline is getting more efficient and more accurate with effective use of Opportunity analysis - processes are becoming standardised and forecasting is not a dark art

10. Service delivery is ensuring you keep your valued customers through better case management and service scheduling - the concern over losing highly valuable clients through bad service has switched to focus on where service is being deployed

Are you getting all the benefits of CRM that you should? At CRMKnowledge we have many years of experience helping our customers get the most out of CRM.

If you think you could be squeezing more out of your investment in CRM then get in touch with us. We are able to help identify usage patterns, skills requirements and simply, better utilisation of CRM. We can provide our consulting and skills development services in a wide variety of formats, durations and locations.

For a free consultation by phone call me on 079801 75553 or email me at

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